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Indian sarees embody cultural richness, narrating regional tales through patterns and motifs. Patola Silk Sarees, often referred to as the Queen of Silks, are the epitome of Gujarat's handloom silk craft. These sarees, once a symbol of wealth and nobility, come in two varieties. Rajkot Patola with single ikat and Patan Patola with double ikat, boasting identical motifs on both sides. Patola sarees encapsulate India's forgotten past in their threads.

Crafting Tradition and Elegance

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Unveiling the Artistry and Elegance

The Patola saree holds a special place in women's hearts, often chosen for important occasions like weddings. It is considered auspicious and symbolizes luck across various cultures. These hand-woven sarees require months of meticulous work and are worn during sacred ceremonies to bring blessings and protect against evil. In Gujarat, they are considered part of a woman's stridhan, treasured wedding gifts for brides.

Patola sarees come in a variety of motifs, with lotus flowers and leaves symbolizing fertility. Known for their durability, these sarees are viewed as long-term investments, often passed down through generations. Fashion Export offers an exquisite collection of Patola Sarees Wholesale at affordable prices, making them a preferred choice for quality and tradition. Explore our catalog in the Surat Wholesale Saree Market and find the perfect saree for your special moments.