Fashion Export

Shipping and Delivery Policy


Shipping Policy and Information

Fashion Export is resolved to Convey Your Request Precisely in Great shape and consistently on time. We have faith in express delivery and the vast majority of your request is sent in no less than 7 Days, when the request is put besides on end of the week or on open Occasions. We convey to every one of the Areas across the world.



Any things advised by the conveyance organization to be confined or potentially restricted and additionally disallowed from time to time(including however not restricted to creatures, Bullion, Cash, Conveyor from Debatable Instruments, valuable metals and stones, Guns or Parts thereof and Ammo, Human Remaining parts, Erotic entertainment and Unlawful opiates/drugs).



Request deadlines are given as rules just, and don't consider potential deferrals brought about by installment approval. We expect to dispatch all orders when the item is prepared and inside time displayed on the item page. Notwithstanding, a deferral of 72 hours is conceivable from the creator/producer in the event of unexpected conditions. Assessed conveyance times are to be utilized as an aide and initiated from the date of dispatch. We are not liable for any deferrals brought about by objective traditions' leeway processes. We can't divert orders whenever things have been dispatched.



All homegrown orders are transported by conveyance organization between 9 am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday. It takes a limit of 7 days for public transportation.



There aren't any proper charges per request for shipments in India. It relies on inventory weight and method of installment. This is to keep up with the assistance level and give your item on time. We utilize Indian Post and FedEx dispatch administrations to convey in India. The transportation charge is non-refundable.



Fashionexport conveys all around the world and guarantees that the most ideal messenger offices are utilized to convey your item. Global Transportation cost relies on list weight.


INSURANCE / Protection

Fashionexport guarantees each buy during the time it is on the way until it is conveyed to you. We require a mark for any merchandise conveyed, so, all in all, the obligation regarding your bought products passes to you. In the event that you have determined a beneficiary who isn't you for conveyance purposes (for instance as a gift) then you acknowledge that proof of a mark by them (or at that conveyance address) is proof of conveyance and satisfaction by Fashion export and move of liability similarly.


Charges and Obligations

At Indian Clients Item Costs showed are comprehensive, everything being equal. For global clients we send the bundle as an individual utilize thing however assuming that the traditions are applied for that country it should be paid by the client and take the conveyance for same. The organization isn't liable for any Customs obligations. The data about customs on the off chance that applied will be educated to the client through email/telephone.